Technical Machine's battles

A few years ago, Cathy and bearzly made a basic Pokemon AI called Fred. Technical Machine and Fred have battled, and the results ended up being a tie, due to bugs on both sides causing each to forfeit one game. I have all of those bugs worked out now, and I feel that the match showed the clear superiority of Technical Machine over Fred (when a bug wasn't causing it to just switch back and forth). I am looking forward to a rematch in which Technical Machine can display its full strength and prove my optimism.

A few days after Technical Machine's match-up with Fred, it played against a high-level human player, Sarenji. This match showed the flaws of Technical Machine, as it was behind the entire match. This game was played with Technical Machine set to search to a depth of 3 for most of the battle, but then switched to a depth of 2 for the second half.

Technical Machine later battled a user named Hunter who was chosen because he was available and looking for a battle (in other words, a somewhat random selection). You can view a complete log of the battle as well as Technical Machine's output, in addition to the two mixed with my analysis in warstory format. Note that I have since simplified Technical Machine's output a bit so that you don't see the battle log twice in a row. That was put in my code earlier for debugging purposes, but now that I have that part of Technical Machine working, I've taken that out. Future Technical Machine thought logs will only show the battle log once.

Technical Machine had several battles against me while I worked on improving it. The most important battle was probably the battle with Technical Machine playing to a depth of 3. You can read the results here: david stone vs. Technical Machine.

There is also a running list of replays involving Technical Machine.